Simon Lapointe

Senior Researcher @ VATT



Work in Progress

Policy Research


Policy Research and Commissioned Reports

Inefficiencies and Externalities in the Financing of Counties
Background Report for the Finnish Economic Policy Council (forthcoming)
with Mika Kortelainen

The Labour Market and Economic Performance of Canada’s First Nations Reserves: The Effect of Educational Attainment and Remoteness
CSLS Research Report (July 2011)
with Andrew Sharpe

The Effect of Increasing Aboriginal Educational Attainment on the Labour Force, Output and the Fiscal Balance
CSLS Research Report (May 2009)
with Andrew Sharpe, Jean-François Arsenault and Fraser Cowan

Apprenticeship Issues and Challenges Facing Canadian Manufacturing Industries
CSLS Research Report (February 2008)
with Andrew Sharpe and Jean-François Arsenault

The Potential Contribution of Aboriginal Canadians to Labour Force, Employment, Productivity and Output Growth in Canada, 2001–2017
CSLS Research Report (November 2007)
with Andrew Sharpe and Jean-François Arsenault